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Zespół muzyczny Warszawa

Przemysław Wojsław

Alto & soprano sax,  flute, clarinet, electric piano


Przemysław Wojsław, session musician and composer, is a graduate of the Music Academy of Bialystok and the Jazz College in Warsaw. He has also graduated from the University of Economics also in his home town - Bialystok. Przemek is a prize winner of various music competitions; he has recorded for radio and TV programmes, has cooperated with Bialystok and Warsaw philharmonics and has composed music for commercials. Przemek has not only performed in Poland but also in other European Countries.

Polish (Poland)English (United Kingdom)

DREAM ART Agencja Artystyczna Przemysław Wojsław
Poligonowa 2/lok.23 Warszawa , 04 - 051
Przemysław Wojsław tel. 606240538
Ewa Wojsław tel. 696046115
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